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Fragrance Guide

What is the best way to store my fragrance?

A bottle of perfume can be kept for a very long time PROVIDED it is stored correctly. Your perfume bottle should be kept in a cool, dark place away from excessive temperature fluctuations and direct light. Excessive exposure to these conditions will alter the chemistry and the consistency of your fragrance. Correct storage procedures will help ensure that your fragrance will remain as fresh as the day you bought it. So make sure you don't store your perfume bottles on the window ledge, in the fridge or even in the bathroom.

How can I make my fragrance last longer?
Certain factors will determine how long a fragrance will last. For example users with dry skin will find that their fragrances will not last as long as others as they are unable to absorb the fragrance oils as well as others into their skin. To help make your fragrance last longer you can use the matching products such as bath and shower gels, along with the body lotions prior to applying your fragrance. This is what is commonly known as the layering technique.

Where should perfume be applied to?
Perfume should be applied to your pulse points. Your pulse points give off more heat than other parts of the body due to the blood vessels being so close to the skin. These points include the wrists, neck, behind your ears, crease of your arm, the back of your knees and your cleavage area.

Finding your signature scent

Our sense of smell is hardwired into our brains — people respond to fragrances on a totally different level than they respond to other senses. In fact, whether you know it or not, everyone has a signature scent. With these quick tips, learn how to pick the right perfume for your personality and discover what your personal signature scent says about you.

Athletic & Adventurous

From summer sports to daring stunts, physical activity is a part of your life. Express your athletic and adventurous side with the crisp scent of citrus-based fragrances. Clean and invigorating, citrus communicates a sense of excitement to those around you.

Energetic & Youthful

 Chocolatecoffee and even cherry are just a few popular choices for those seeking something new. These different, fun and downright fanciful fragrances take their inspiration from things like favorite foods.

Sexy & Sultry

when it's time to turn up the heat, seek out rich earth and wood fragrances that capture the essence of animal instincts. Decidedly simple, these powerful scents provoke compelling attraction that invites others to draw near for a more up-close and personal appeal.


Ever since the western world was first introduced to the Far East, the rich scent of spice has always been associated with the exotic. Heavy floral combined with tantalizing spice are a popular combination for romantic fragrances perfect for a night out on the town.

 Cosmopolitan and Confident

Searching for a fragrance that reflects your confident, cosmopolitan air? Look for ocean breezes and "aldehyde" blends. Although purely synthetic, these bold creations remain popular choices for many. Usually indicated by a number (for example, Chanel #5) these perfumes all have their own unforgettable profiles.


Old fashioned romantics know flowers are a favorite way to win the heart of an admirer or simply say "I love you." So it should come as no surprise that floral scents are strongly associated with romantic personalities. Rosegardenia and jasmine are great selections to begin with. Each is slightly sweet, so find the one best suited for your style.


If you're the sensible type, search for a signature scent that's as down-to-earth as you are. Patchouli, sandalwood and other herbals are popular favorites of those seeking a light fragrance that complements their natural style.


 Vanilla is commonly used as a stand-alone fragrance as well as a base for many other fragrance types, making it a versatile, but somewhat sweet, option for everyday use.

Choosing What Right is for you

Once you've selected your signature scent and style, it's time to pick the perfect perfumes. Remember, many fragrances smell differently once applied, so take your time.

Begin by making a list of what you don’t like. This helps narrow the list down. Since your nose can only handle so many samples at a time, it's important not to have too many options.

Test each scent before taking it home. It’s a good idea to bring a friend along for a second opinion.

Create a collection for different seasons and moods. Throughout your lifetime, you'll probably need to use a variety of fragrances, even while maintaining a signature scent. Use your core personality type as the foundation; then seek out blends that show your current style.

Looking for new cologne for the man in your life? Learning more about the different fragrance families may help you find the just the right scent.

 Green scents are fresh and bright with notes of leaves, grass and herbs.


 He’ll Like This If:

He’s sporty, down-to-earth and likes the smell of freshly cut grass.

When to Wear:

In the spring and summer.

 Musky scents are smooth and natural.

 He’ll Like This If:

He’s rugged and confident and enjoys the great outdoors.

When to Wear:

During a romantic dinner.

Water scents are cool and refreshing with notes of fresh air and cool dew.


He’ll Like This If:

He’s fun-loving, young-at-heart and likes the smell of ocean air.

When to Wear:

On family outings to the beach or any water location.

 Woodsy scents are warm with notes of bark, cedar and patchouli.


He’ll Like This If:

He’s outdoorsy and likes the aroma of cedar trees and campfires.

When to Wear:

To a backyard barbecue.

 Spicy scents are refined and exotic with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, tobacco and vanilla.


 He’ll Like This If:

He’s independent, classic and likes the scent of a sweet cigar.

When to Wear:

To a nice dinner.

Citrus scents are clean and crisp with notes of lemon, orange or grapefruit.


He’ll Like This If:

He’s lightheartedeasy going and enjoys a glass of orange juice with breakfast.

When to Wear:

When the seasons change  citrus can revive the senses.

Suit Any Occasion Some men wear only one fragrance to make a signature statement.

But who says your guy can’t have a cologne collection? With a "wardrobe" of colognes, he can choose one to suit any mood or occasion. He might like something light and fresh during the day and a more complex scent for evening.

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